WibTeX comes as fully functional FREEWARE. However, the number of records that can be stored is limited to 50 in this version. This should be sufficient for an average article. For more sophisticated projects or a private collection of PDFs, DVDs or other media, you may wish to unlock the full potential of WibTeX by registering the application.

Private users

One licence of WibTeX costs € 5,- for private users. Payments can be made by clicking on the PayPal button. You will immediately receive a code by e-mail which you can copy and paste into a box that comes up if you click on “About WibTeX” and then “Register…”. Make sure to use the same data that you used with your PayPal transaction. The freeware limitation will be gone.

Institutional users

Companies, universities, research institutes, foundations, schools and other public or private organizations need to purchase an license for institutions for € 20,-. With this license you may run up to five work stations. Payments can be made with the corresponding PayPal button.