Keyboard Shortcuts

To make the work with WibTeX still more efficient, some keyboard shortcuts were implemented:

  • To call the search function, press CTRL-F.
  • To quickly navigate between records, press ALT-Right and -Left, respectively (the arrow keys).
  • To navigate between views, press SHIFT-Right and -Left.
  • To select all records in the table at once, press CTRL-A.

How to install properly

WibTeX can be downloaded as ZIP-file and unpacked in any local folder you like. On first run, WibTeX stores some additional files in the default config directory, e.g. in newer Windows versions  <User>/AppData/Local/WibTeX. In case you uninstall WibTeX, these files need to be deleted manually.

Besides the executable and the language files in the subdirectory "languages", you will need a MySQL 5.7 client library if you use the cloud functions. It is included in the zip file for the windows versions of WibTeX. For Linux, you have to manually install the packages "libmysqlclient" and ""libmysqlclient-dev". Make sure you have version 20 of "libmysqlclient" installed, e.g. or a subversion. This is the Linux equivalent to MySQL 5.7.

In case of startup problems, it may help to delete the config folder. This would, however, also erase your database. You can use the backup function or data exports (CSV files) to prevent data loss.

Not your Language?

WibTeX is shipped with German and English language support. But you can add additional languages and get a free full version. How? Actually not too complicated:

  1. Downlaod an editor for language files. I recommend the freeware  Virtaal.
  2. Open the subdirectory "languages" in your WibTeX installation directory.
  3. Copy the file wibtex.po or wibtex.en.po to a new file named wibtex.XX.po. Replace XX with the appropriate language code, e.g. fr for French. Find further language codes here.
  4. Open the new file with the PO editor and translate the text strings.
  5. Save the file and export it to the MO format. Store both files in the "languages" subdirectory.
  6. Change the language within WibTeX (only French and Spanish are pre-installed, however).
  7. Contact me. For a complete and correct translation file you are entitled to a free full version!