BibTeX special features

When referring to more than one author in BibTeX, it is recommended to link the authors with the word "and". If you choose to use BibTeX seriously, then you should get familiar with the way it works. A good documentation can be found in the appendix of the standard LaTeX book by Leslie Lamport, A Document Preparation System, Addison-Wesley. Here I only want to point out the way author names should be entered:

FirstName1 LastName1 and FirstName2 LastName2 and FirstName3 LastName3...

Middle names can simply be put in between. WibTeX will deal with the necessary formatting.

Editing BibTeX Strings

BibTeX offers the possibility to refer to frequently used phrases such as the names of journals and publishers by abbreviations. BibTeX automatically replaces the abbreviation with the full text. The strings will be inserted into all subsequent BibTeX files that are going to be created by using the export function.

For instance, if you want to refer to the American Economic Review in more than three entries, you may wish to replace the full name by "AER".

To do this, WibTeX includes a strings editor. Enter the abbreviations in the left column and the full name in the right column.

If you want to refer to the abbreviations later, just double-click on the field in which you want to enter the short version of the phrase or name (in the edit window). The strings editor pops up again, and by selecting the appropriate entry and double-clicking on it, you can easily transfer the abbreviation to the entry field.